About US


We're not here to sell you brands, we are here to make you feel unique. Because why would you be comfortable with something that isn’t unique? We believe, you should be your own brand, find your own unique style. We know you love to travel in style, so we bring you fashion and luxury accessories for traveling in style!

Mavrica is here to make a change! 

Mavrica specializes in unique travel accessories, fashion and much more. We have various products and colors available matching your skin and ink, our products can be used to assemble a personal image that will attract attention and add elegance to your everyday style. We deliver our greatness around the globe. Our products are a must have for every unique travel lover!

We believe that your getaways should be an extension of your personality and lifestyle. What you wear and carry on you should be candy, it should be music, it should be art, it should be a part of your beautiful journeys. Mavrica is YOUR travel style, it is you expressing YOUR elegance, it is YOUR brand.